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QUANZHOU CITONG BAGS CO,LTD.|www.dudufanli.com

  Our company situated in QuanZhou, FuJian (100kiglometers and one hour way from XiaMen) , was founded in 1994, we are a company specialized in making all kinds of bag , with factory’s group area up to 20020㎡.

   Our company is an enterprise which has independent export right, 100% of our products are sold abroad. Our main production range are: Travelling bag , school bag, lady bag, cooler bag, trolley bag, suit carrier etc…

   Our production capacity with a total of 600 sets sewing machines, among them there are more than 30 sets of “JUKI” brand Computer-controlled Cycle Machine which are with different standards; More than 50 sets of “ MITSUBISHI” brand Cylinder-bed, 1-Needle, Unison-feed, Lockstitch Machine; 4 sets of large Cutting Machine; Machine for trolley bag etc…

  We have more than 700 skilled workers and a team of experienced quality controllers. Our products are mainly exported to Europe, America, South America, Japan and other countries, with annual turnover of USD 10 millions.

   We sincerely welcome all the new and old customers all over the world, we believe we will be your best choice and enjoy good cooperation.

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